CytoAurora has three core technologies, which can be divided into three stages of cell capture, cell identification and single cell isolation. In the first stage, the best sensitivity and specificity fully automated Cell RevealTM platform and the microstructured V-BioChip biomedical chip are used for cell capture.

In the second stage, cell identification is performed using the Cell Analysis Tool (CAT) system. Cells captured on the V-BioChip are classified according to their characteristics and types, and a self-developed cell type algorithm (Cell Phenotype Algorithm; CPA) and machine learning (Machine Learning) mechanism, automatically identify the target cells that meet the extraction conditions, greatly reducing the time of identification.

In the third stage, a fully automatic single cell isolation is used. After the second stage of the process, CAT recognizes the cells and isolates the target cells it has obtained. It is used in subsequent molecular analysis to assist in establishing the diagnosis results and Treatment strategy.



CytoAuora CFC Animation